Turning Heads

This last couple of weeks have been buoyed by a couple of incidents that were out of our hands, last Tuesday, Rugby AM decided to run a news piece not written or sent in by us http://www.rugbyam.co.uk/articles/news/rugby-am-news/the-longest-try-in-rugby-league-history/, there's connections between myself and the team up in Leeds, you're never too far away someone in this sport, especially if you've played your League up north, I'm sure there'll be regular updates between both parties from now on.

The day after, the Rugby Football League decided to run a similar story about 'The Longest Try' linking to their own website and tweeting about it. There's been plenty of phone calls and emails over the past few months going to clothing manufacturers, people involved in sport not just rugby, official governing bodies, universities (I'll talk about shortly) local and national companies for potential sponsorship.

So with the RFL now posting a story, this feels like an official endorsement and they're holding faith with us here, as much as we're working on making this happen.

Miriam has now finished all her assesments on a level 3 'soft tissue massage' course she's been working on since March, with just an exam in June and a 3,000 word dissertation to put forward. Learning a brand new set of skills and travelling to Luton for 5 weekends dotted over the last few months hasn't been easy or cheap with the course costing roughly £900, so it's been good for the both of us and meeting a good bunch of people along the way.

I made a call to Bedfordshire University a couple of months ago for a possible collaboration. The university boasts a significant sports research department and facilities http://www.beds.ac.uk/howtoapply/departments/sspa/about-us/facilities It's our plan to work towards an agreement with the university to use myself and 'The Longest Try' challenge as a case study. Initial converstations have been promising and we're looking to all meet over the next fortnight.

A 60 hour working week wasn't ideal but managed my time to get 3 sessions with my strength and conditioning coach Martin Graham, the last session on Thursday involved a 20kg vest with muscle draining repetitions of 50. Including pull ups, squats and kettlebells along with the customary bear crawls and flexibilty exercises. Work patterns again force me out of the gym opening times but I'll be sure to get a few hours along the footpaths and bridleways of Bedfordshire.

Next race is this Saturday 4th June. Farthingstone Foot Fest - 26 miles/42 Km https://www.ldwa.org.uk/challenge_events/show_event.php?event_id=15710