Ignore the Camera

I’m often telling people the running is the easiest element to The Longest Try. The phone calls, emails and social media are time consuming at best but necessary if this is going to work.


A recent visit to our UK chosen cause, The Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity has changed my approach to contacting individuals or companies for funding or sponsorship. Their enthusiasm was something very special, driving home after 3 hours speaking to different members of the team, we’re sure by Christmas 2017 when The Longest Try has been completed, the monies raised will make a huge difference to the provision of new nurses for families and children nationwide.

Find out more about the charity here http://www.roalddahl.com/charity


A visit by two friends this weekend prompted a filming spree, Saturday mornings’ strength and conditioning session with Martin was heavily scrutinised by two of my old school mates who brought their amateur zombie film experience to the Stagsden gym. The next day we tried interviewing for voice over content, the only thing I’ll be good at this point is advertising for Ronseal.

I’ll hopefully get this video edited over the next fortnight, drone shots to follow.


Positive talks have begun directly with the Rugby League World Cup 2017 committee and how they can help with maximising media interest, including workshops and visits along the way. We’ve also been asked to consider changes to the route. If there are no games in Perth or the final isn’t in Sydney, why should these cities be included on the run across Australia? More questions but very happy these conversations are taking place.


Finally the Hardmoors 110 mile race was run at the weekend. The course circumnavigates the North Yorkshire Moors Cleveland Way from Filey to Helmsley with a 36 hour time limit. Our mate Henry Morris completed this in 31 hours. We had previously completed the Hardmoors 55 mile race together back in March and Henry, who has more League merchandise than a club shop, will hopefully guide me to my first 100+ miler in 2017. Congratulations mate, another inspiring effort.


Robbie’s next race – Sunday May 15th – Marlborough Downs 33 mile Challenge

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