Weighed In, Weighed In.

"You're not going to like this next phase" said Martin Graham, my coach for The Longest Try. "We've built the foundations for our next 3 phases, you're just going to have to do it".

It's of no great surprise to me I have to lose weight in order to become an efficient runner, I don't need to be the size I am. 5'6''/168cm and 13st/82Kg is just too heavy for my height. As much as I have put the effort in to keep myself fit and years of Rugby League training have created the body I have today. I have also undone these efforts by acting like Bruce Bogtrotter in a 'Bake-Off' final.

I will be eating very differently from now on as I move into the next 12+ weeks of training, I won't divulge everything we do as I am not about to let the hard work of my coach be made public but I will state how we go about the next few months in what is set up to be a very mentally and physically exhausting final quarter of 2016.

September 17th is the Hardmoors 60+ mile race, beginning in Guisborough this race takes on the second half of the Cleveland Way (first half was covered in the 55 in March) along the coastal route passing through Whitby, Robin Hood's Bay and Scarborough, I completed this race in 2013 after 17 1/2 hours.

I learnt in that race I needed to eat better during longer distances but mostly I knew it was possible. It will hurt and it does but that's all. This became another piece that would eventually turn out to be 'The Longest Try'. We begin next week.