Do You Realise What You've Done?!


Saturday 21st October, a night to remember and forget. Tired and emotional I couldn't get my head around what was about to happen, even though I'd instigated this for years.

We had stayed at friends in Coburg for the Friday and Saturday night, Brooke and Dave had also kept the motorhome close by, donated by Kris at Watson's Caravans and driven down by younger brother Richie the weekend before.

Setting off at 6:15am to AAMI Park we were met by 3 people, Rob Burgin, long time friend and founder of Latin Heat a rugby league international development organisation for Central and South America, Ian Bridger at ArmaSkin a sponsor of ours and Michael Doogan, a family friend.

After a few photos and Ian showing me how to put my socks on, Rob and I headed out of the city towards our planned route that eventually had to be changed due to no room along the roadside. Australia's A and B roads usually have ample hard shoulder, you take your chances with C roads, which orignally I'd chosen simply to be out of sight and less of a hazard. By the end of the day Rob had completed 40km of the 50km, his longest ever distance to date. Great effort.

Over the last 2 days, with local knowledge from Dave, who joined us for most of Monday, we have re-worked our route to Canberra and come up with some rules for us to adhere too.

  • We will begin as early as we can, depending on travelling to our start point
  • At the moment, we will finish by 2pm
  • If I can't complete that distance we move on to the next 50km, we do not return to the previous days schedule
  • Our dates set for Canberra, Sydney and Coffs Harbour are fixed

We are going into day 4 tomorrow, some steep inclines on the way to Euroa from Merton, and onto Violet Town. It's set to rain heavily too.

"You'll have to excuse my friend. He's a little slow. The town is back that way".