Marooned in Space

Currently playing on the BBC Iplayer radio is Charles Chilton's science fiction novel 'Space Force'. The crew receive a reply message originally sent from the Arecibo satellite 30 years previous. After lots of whirring, antenna mafunctions and Chipper Barnet going of his box, it turns out the messages were beamed from Jupiter by 7ft tall alien women. 

Now we've all been there, you send out your signal, nothing for what seems like years, then from out of nowhere, an unwanted response from an unearthly being.

Two weeks ago I received an email confirming full financial backing for The Longest Try in what would've been an absolute game changer. A door opener, probably to the sound of a Star Trek door. Sadly it never got off the ground and an already minimal Yorkshire optimism came crashing back to Earth.

It's important to stress how much is going on away from training. Excluding core work, I'm finding the most enjoyable, over the last 2 months I've lost over 7 kilos through a completely different diet and way of eating. I feel almost weightless in comparison.

Our main aim now is to secure sponsors and get the route finely tuned for everyone's benefit when we're in Australia. So this week I'll be sending out exact figures and relevant documents to download on the website with the hope of a positive return message.