Charity Announcement

It's with great pleasure we can announce our new Australian charity partners over the next few months, The Longest Try will now fundraise for Miracle Babies Foundation and The Children's Tumour Foundation of Australia they will join our domestic partners The Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity, all charities support children and their families on a nationwide scale.

Live to Give, our original organisation has removed themselves from the challenge due to other commitments, we hope we can still support each other in our separate endeavours but for now we move on.

More will follow as we all work together in raising as much money and the profiles of each charity. A challenge in itself.

In other news, we have made links with The Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce whom we are hoping can drum up sponsorship support on a local level as well as radio and tv spots. We are beginning the process of speaking to our kit sponsors at Canterbury for personalising kit, so look out for some extra short shorts.

Training continues to go well, it's now I must begin the process of running longer distances on consecutive days. This amongst everything else is incredibly time consuming and the only down side of having to run 20+ miles each day. The rest I love.

For prospective sponsorship partners, please click below to download The Longest Try pack.